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 3,999.00  3,699.00

  • Nasa approved the world’s number 1 Ilam green tea
  • 100% organic green tea
  • Natural green tea prevents dangerous diseases like- cancer, liver problems, and heart diseases, etc.
  • Effective for wrinkles and dark circle
  • Green tea therapy keep strong your nervous system
  • Regular use of Ilam best green tea brings new energy in your body


Ilam green tea/organic green tea-

Ilam green tea is made in the Historical Tea Garden of Nepal, Ilam Tea Estate which is famous for its organic tea. This green tea is made from the tea leaves grown in Ilam village.

ilam’s green tea is not just a tea it is a therapy that prevents you from uncountable diseases and infections such as cancer, liver problems, heart diseases, diabetes, maintain blood circulation, blood pressure, pyria, food poisoning, weight loss, infection.
So, in short, you can say, ilam’s green tea is a permanent solution for all types of diseases.

Uses of natural green tea-

This organic green tea does not just save you from health problems even also skin problems like wrinkles and dark circles.

Take the pouches which you have been used in green tea and keep them in the refrigerator for some time and keep them below your eyes for some time.

It will help you to remove your wrinkles and dark circles. You can take this tea 2-3 times a day and after 15 days you feel the internal energy in your body. Another benefit of this natural green tea is that there is no age boundation to use this tea.

It means everyone can use it as a child, teenager, parents, and grandparents. this green tea therapy helps you to live a healthy and beautiful life.



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