Bayovati Hair Oil

 1,500.00  899.00


Bayovati Hair Oil

 1,500.00  899.00

benefits of hair onion oil-

  • onion oil to boost hair regrowth
  • onion hair oil to dandruff control
  • onion Hair Growth oil to treat hair loss
  • bayovati onion hair oil for thickness hair


Bayovati onion hair oil-

onion oil is effective for all types of hair i.e Curly, straight, damaged, coarse. Bayovati hair onion oil is a natural ingredient with antibacterial and antifungal properties that deal with all types of hair.

This hair oil is very helpful in hair growth as this bayovati hair onion oil is made from the 100% natural ingredients such as Red onion Extract which helps to fight infection of the scalp.

Natural onion oil helps to open up the hair roots of the scalp and promotes growth. So use this natural onion oil Regularly to show your love to your hair.

Scalp infections can lead to massive hair fall. With potent anti-bacterial properties, onions keep your scalp and hair both healthy and infection-free. Onions are rich in Sulphur, which is known to minimize breakage and thinning.

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