Herbal Madhu Amrit

 1,500.00  999.00


Herbal Madhu Amrit

 1,500.00  999.00

  • Best Juice For sugar patient
  • Herbal juice for diabetes control


Herbal Madhu Amrit liquid( Best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes)

Herbal Madhu Amrit is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes which is available in the form of juice. Madhu Amrit is an ayurvedic treatment for diabetes which helps you to control your diabetes without any side effect.

herbal Madhu Amrit is 100% natural & herbal medicine for diabetes.

How to use Herbal Madhu Amrit medicine for diabetes

Mix Juice into 90m1. water and consume on empty stomach once in the morning.

Main ingredients of this ayurvedic medicine for diabetes are:

Black plum – 34%, Bitter gourd – 34%, Gooseberry – 10%, Indian lilac – 10%, Fenugreek – 10% permitted class-II preservatives, (E-21 1, E-200), acidity regulator (E-330), OS water-based.


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