Meru Ring Buy One Get One Free

 1,500.00  990.00


Meru Ring Buy One Get One Free

 1,500.00  990.00

  • Meru ring gold plated
  • A beautiful and unique Meru ring. It is used in personal & structural Vastu
  • Shree Yantra is a powerful and unfailing instrument that attracts Laxmi
  • Meru ring gold plated the best way of bidding adieu to one’s financial problems forever
  •  benefits of wearing a tortoise ring are used to attracts Laxmi and Devi Siddhi.


Meru Ring/ Tortoise Ring- 

It is believed that the tortoise ring brings good luck and prosperity. not only in India but in many cultures abroad too. Meru ring is considered to be a symbol of Positivity and good fortune.

This belief, it will is definitely helpful to wear this tortoise ring on your finger which will keep you in good stead always.

Benefits of wearing a tortoise ring-

  • Meru ring gold plated helps to remove negative energies
  • Tortoise ring helps to attain peace and harmony
  • Helps to get blessings of prosperity & good luck
  • helps attain success & victory

This attractive Meru ring gold plated created on the principles of ancient scriptures and tradition.  wearing a tortoise ring help you achieve all that you want.  A little bit of good luck in addition to your talent and hard work helps you gain prosperity.

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