How to control hair fall

How to control hair fall

Hair falling is common among everyone. As we all are busy in our day to day life or with jobs, we don’t have time to take care of our hairs. Result of this problem comes as hair fall, dandruff, white hair and more. the health of our hair matter a lot either you are men or women because it affects your personality. If you are women then the beauty of your hair is an important element for you.

So today’s we are sharing  some points regarding control your hair fall

Tips to control hair falling-

Wash your hair with mild shampoo- to control your hair fall it is required that you should regularly wash your hair to keep them clean. Regular washing reduces the chances of infection and dandruff in your hair. If you are not washing your hair regularly then it may reason of hair falling.

Take vitamin regularly-  vitamins are not required only to be healthy but also necessary for healthy hair. For example, vitamin E helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp to keep hair healthy and strong, vitamin B helps to maintain your hair.

Include protein in your diet- protein is also an essential element for healthy hair. You should include those items in your food which contains protein in a high amount such as egg, fish, etc.

Massage your scalp with oil- If you are facing the problem of hair falling then scalp massage with good oil can be good for your hair because this activity keeps your hair healthy and alive.

Don’t comb wet hair- when your hair is wet it means they are in their weakest condition and if you combing your wet hair it will increase your hair fall. If you have wet hair then wait for making them dry then comb them.

Keep hydrated- take at least 7- 8 glass of water every day to keep hydrated and for the growth of your hair.

Reduce alcohol-  if you are an alcoholic and facing the problem of hair falling then you must reduce alcohol because alcohol reduces your hair growth.

Quit smoking- smoking reduces the blood that flows in the scalp which becomes the reason of hair falling. So if you are addicted to your smoking habit then you need to remove it for your healthy hair.

Do some physical activity- physical activity is good for maintaining the harmons level and reducing stress. So every day you must do some activity like walk, swim for 5 to 10 minutes.

These are few tips which you can follow to control your hair fall.

Bayovati hair oil

But if you have less time to do all these things and also want to control this problem

Then we have oil for you which reduce your hair fall, dandruff. And make your hair strong. Bayovati hair oil which is made from onions.

Benefits of bayovati hair oil:

  • Onion seed oil extracted by cold pressed method from onion seed. Onion seed oil extracted by cold pressed method from onion seed.
  • Reduces Gray Or Thinning Hair. Promotes Healthy New Growth. Rub Into Scalp, Wear Cap 20 Minutes.
  • Also Gives Your Hair A Soft, Sleek Healthy Silky Feel And Look.
  • Can clear up acne scars & cleanses your face, moisturizing skin and normalizing natural oil levels.


Color your hair with in 5 minutes

Everybody wants to look young, however the grey strands emerging at 40s gives them an aged look.

The traditional way of dyeing your hair is both cumbersome and time consuming.

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