How exercise control diabetes

How exercise control diabetes

Exercise is good to keep a person healthy and strong. If you do exercise on regular basis you notice that you feel more fresh and energetic than others. Exercise keeps your body healthy,  active and also protect you from diabetes.

If a few minutes of exercise can save you from dangerous diseases then we think it’s not a bad deal.

But we fail to give that much less time to our self due to our busy schedule. We ignore our health because of the high pressure of duties and responsibilities.

If you really love yourself and your family then you must give some time to your body.

In today’s article, we are going to share how you can control your diabetes by exercise.

How exercise controls your sugar level:

If you do exercise on regular basis it increases insulin sensitivity in your blood. It makes cells able to use insulin properly for the body. It also allows our muscles to absorb and use sugar for energy.

Exercise control your blood sugar level in the short term which is good for you. Exercise helps our organs to work properly which saves us from many diseases and diabetes as well.

If you are taking medicines to recover from diabetes it makes you more addicted to medicines and effects your body in different ways. That’s why exercise is a good option to recover your diabetes it has no side effects and it also makes fresh and active.

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How much you should exercise:

As we told you to exercise is good to control your diabetes but for how much time? How much you need to do exercise this should be clear because more exercise can harm you.

  • At least half an hour you should do physical exercise. It can be a walk, jogging, swimming, and other physical activity.
  • Don’t take any break in your regular exercise because it reflects your body so you should do regular exercise if you want to see the changes in your diabetes.  Before starting any exercise program consult your doctor because he will suggest a different way of exercise in the case of any diabetic complication such as nerve damage, eye disease, kidney problems, etc
  • Keep records- maintain the records of your blood sugar before starting any exercise so you can measure how much you recovered or get benefits from exercise.
  • Keep hydrated yourself-  take proper water before, during and after the exercise. This is important to prevent our body from dehydration.
  • Wear clothes appropriately- for an exercise you should wear fit shoes and clothes which is comfortable during exercise.
  • Start slowly- If you just want to start exercise then start slow because it takes time to be habitual. Increase the time of your exercise slowly. Because if you start to exercise for a long hour on the very first day then it may cause your body pain and the next day you will not be able to do exercise.

These were few tips to control your diabetes through exercise hope this article will be helpful for you.

Natural madhunashini for diabetes

But if you don’t want medical treatment for your diabetes and even not want to do exercise then still your diabetes can be recover without any side effect. Yes we have a natural solution for you

Sogoayurveda brings natural madhunashini for diabetes which has no side effect.

Benefits of natural madhunashini: 

  1. t control the Blood Glucose level naturally.
  2. It helps to have a control over eating sweets by its appetite suppressants ingredients.
  3. It helps to reduce weight also by repelling sweets.
  4. This medicine helps to stimulate beta cells of Pancreas and maintain the glucose level by producing Insulin.
  5. Regular use of Natural Madhunashini helps to fight free radicals in the body with its production of antioxidants.

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Benefits of sogo herbal madhu amrit powder-

  • Healthy, normal blood sugar levels
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Reduce absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates
  • Healthy insulin sensitivity and production
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