How alcohol and smoking addiction destroying you?

How alcohol and smoking addiction destroying you?

I know that you all know how smoking and drinking is bad for health but we are not aware that how these addictions affect the body. Smoking and alcohol are very common everywhere f you get addicted from this then it is very difficult to leave addictions.

Even we all know that smoking and taking alcohol is bad for us then also we are taking them because now we get addicted and it is very difficult to change it. Even you always see the warning over the products such as tobacco is injurious to health. Do you ever think if we know the side effect of any addiction then why we use them? The simple answer to this that we are addicted to particular bad habits it can be smoking, drinking, tobacco, etc.

Your life is not only yours it connects with your partner, parents, children, etc. so you have to think about themselves. You are not aware of the effect of these addictions. So in today’s blog, we are going to share how alcohol and smoking destroying you.

Effects of smoking:

  • Cigarette contains almost 4000 chemical compounds which can cause the death of a person because smoking destroys almost the whole body.
  • If a woman is addicted from smoking then it is very difficult for her to be pregnant. It can also affect the health of the baby after and before birth and also may reason for premature delivery.
  • Smoking also affects the men’s sperm and reduce the fertility which can reason for miscarriage
  • Addiction to smoking also affects the health
  • Smoking habit effects your teeth very badly and make your lips black and raise many teeth related problems.
  • Smoking temporary keep your mind in the piece but after that, you face the problem of anxiety and irritation which is difficult to manage.
  • It also raises the problem of eyes such as glaucoma, macular, degeneration, and cataracts, etc.
  • It may also become a cause of lung cancer or ultimate death because smoking increased the risk of lung cancer.
  • Addiction to smoke also bring the disease of hearts because of smoking affect your heart badly

Effects of drinking:

  • Liver work to remove harmful substances from the body including alcohol. If you are using alcohol for a long time then it can reason of chronic liver inflammation.
  • Long term use of alcohol can damage different regions of the brain
  • Drinking makes your heart weak which can cause of different heart diseases or heart attack
  • Addiction to drinking can also cause short term memory loss
  • Alcohol is a slow position which final destination is death.
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These are the effect of alcohol and smoking in a different part of the body.

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