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9 Tips to stop smoking and drinking

9 tips to stop smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking injurious to health we read this quote many times and still doing smoking and drinking because it is very difficult to stop smoking and drinking within a couple of days. Sometimes we think to quit these addictions but they fail to do this because they are addicted to these habits.

These habits are killing you slowly like a slow poison. But if really want to get rid of these habits but fail to quit this then this blog for you. here we will share 9 tips to stop smoking and drinking which can be beneficial for you if you follow them.

So let’s begin to know these tips one by one

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9 tips to stop smoking and drinking :

  1. Determination to quit- if you really want to quit these habit then first you have to determine that you why you are quitting these addiction and write the reason on the piece of paper. It will work for you as a reminder. This statement shows you lose to doing smoking and drinking which helps you to stop the habit.                    
  2. Keep records- write down how many times you smoke and drink throughout the day. And try to reduce the frequency of doing smoking and drinking per day.          
  3. Keep cigarette and alcohol away- keep cigarette, alcohol and other addiction product away and tell others to help you. It helps you to avoid temptation on a daily basis. Trash those things which reminds you about smoking and drinking.                                                          
  4. Avoid those places where people do smoke and drink- if you are trying to quit your addiction then don’t go those places where people do this such as bars, club, etc because these things can convert your mind.                                
  5. Take a break from those who used to drink and smoking- if in your circle there are people who do drink or smoking on the regular basis then you need to keep away from them because they try to convince you to drink and smoke again.
  6. Try another thing instead of addiction- make a habit to use another substance in the place of alcohol and smoking. As in the beginning, it is very difficult for you to leave this habit you can do this practice. Whenever you feel to smoke or drink do another thing at that time. This practice replaces your bad habits into good habits.
  7. Join any exercise program- it is good if you join any exercise program or it is not required you can also do exercise by own but it should be regular. It helps you to reduce your stress and make you fresh.
  8. Distract yourself- whenever you feel that you need to smoke and drinking try to avoid this and start another thing which you like. Any hobby of you’re such as playing guitar knitting, etc
  9. Keep your self busy- whenever we are busy we forget about our addiction and this will help you to quit these habits. So keep your self as busy as possible.

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